Weekends Exploring Liberty

8th Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

Christopher Surprenant, Univ. New Orleans Mass-Incarceration and its Alternatives
Karl McDermott, Univ. of Illinois, Springfield Contours of Capitalism
William Kline, Univ. of Illinois, Springfield Markets and Minorities
Stephen Hicks, Rockford Univ. The Ethics of Liberty
 James Harrigan, Univ. of Arizona Rediscovering Limited Government
Marilyn Moore, Atlas Society A Novel Approach to Business Literature: Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged
George Smith, Author and Essayist
The Fallacies of Socialism
Natalia Gray, South East Missouri State Univ. Reflections on the novel “We”

7th Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

Alexander McCobin, CEO Conscious Capitalism Conscious Capitalism
Adam Moore, Univ. of Washington The Importance of Privacy
Stephen Hicks, Rockford Univ. Why You Should Read Ayn Rand
Greg Bishop, Illini News Network Liberty in Illinois
George Smith, Author and Essayist
Two Pillars of Libertarianism
Adam Moore, Univ. of Washington Intellectual Property and Liberty
Kenneth Owen, Univ. of Illinois Springfield Free Speech on Campus
William Kline, Univ. of Illinois Springfield Minorities and Markets

6th Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

Kenneth Owen Liberty and the US Constitution
Matthew Brown Economic Freedom in the World
Peter Boltuc Experiments in Living
William Kline Value, Wealth, and Liberty
Gianna Englert Two Types of Liberty
Kenneth Owen Free Speech on Campus
James Harrigan Minority Rights and the Expansion of Liberty?
Stephen Hicks Does Free Market Liberalism make you a better person?

5th Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

Michael Douma Liberty and the Historical Imagination
Natalia Gray Healthcare and Liberty
James Harrigan Experiences in Iraq
David Bertaina Religious Liberty
Kamau Kemayo Freedom and Consciousness in Contemporary Society
Kenneth Owen Liberty and Power: The Making of the US Constitution
Antony Davies Liberty, Equality, and Prosperity
Aimee Barbeau Liberalism and its Discontents: Theories and Practices of Associational Freedom

4th Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

James Ermatinger Rome and Liberty
Stephen Hicks Thirteen Arguments for Free Market Liberalism
David Bertaina Freedom of Religion
Aimee Barbeau Ancient and Modern Liberties
William Kline The Libertarian Ideal
Film and Discussion “Freedom’s Fury”

3rd Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

Alexei Marcoux Liberalism’s Conflicting Conceptions of Justice
Matthew McCaffrey Economics of the New Golden Age of Television
Eric Roark Coercion and Exploitation
William Kline Why Liberty?
Kenneth Owen Liberty and the US Constitution
Kevin Currie-Knight Three Libertarian Views of Children’s Rights
Geoffrey Lea Liberty and the Wealth of Nations

2nd Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

William Kline Why Liberty?
Matthew Brown Economic Freedom, Well-being, and Peace
Michael Douma Individualism
Eric Roark Self Ownership
Karl McDermott Liberty and Capitalism
Geoffrey Lea Limits of Government
Shoon Lio Liberty and Community
Kenneth Owen Liberty and the Constitution

1st Annual Weekend Exploring Liberty

William Kline What is Libertarianism?
Eric Roark Self Ownership
Peter Boltuc Vice, Virtue, and Liberty
Michael Douma Individualism and Self Reliance
Geoffrey Lea The Limits of Government: Public Choice
Michael Douma Education and Liberty
Geoffrey Lea What is a Free Market?
Eric Roark Left and Right Libertarianism