Invited Speakers

Bryan Caplan, George Mason University, “Is Education a Waste of Money?”, October 11th, 2018

Jonathan Meer, Texas A&M Univ., “The Effects of Minimum Wage on Employment”, March 5th, 2018

Alexander McCobin, CEO Conscious Capitalism, “Conscious Capitalism”, December 1st, 2017

David Schmidtz, Univ. of Arizona, “Markets in Education”, November 15th, 2017

Joshua Hall, West Virginia Univ., “Economic Freedom of the World”, October 9th, 2017

Steven Horwitz, Ball State Univ., “Capitalism and the Family”, April 2017

Russ Roberts,  John and Jean De Nault Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and Host of Econ Talk, “Is Free Trade a Mistake?”, October 2016

Benjamin Powell, Texas Tech Univ., “The Unbelievable Truth About Sweatshops”, Februrary 2016

Bryan Caplan, George Mason Univ., “The Economics of Immigration”, October 2015

Joshua Hall, West Virginia Univ, “Economic Freedom of the World”, February 2015

Terry Anderson, Executive Director, Property and Environment Research Center, “Free Market Environmentalism”, November 2014

Zoltan Kész, Free Market Foundation in Hungary, “The Rise of Racism in Central Europe”, February 2014

Robert Lawson, Southern Methodist Univ., “The Decline of American Economic Freedom”, October 2013

Oleksandr Chornobyl, Academy of Public Administration, Ukraine, “Post-Soviet Transition in Public Administration of Ukraine”, March 2013

Scott Bullock, Institute for Justice, “Property Rights on Trial”. September 2012